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Best Coloured Contact Lens | Online Shopping in Pakistan | Bella Contact Lenses

by Dawood Sheikh on Jul 17, 2020

Best Contact Branded Lens Price in Pakistan

In Pakistan, Punjab Optics is among the few brands that are leading the market by offering the best contact lenses online to its customer. They have made shopping for contact lenses more convenient for their customers to have as much information as possible about the lenses they want to buy.

Apart from the protection of eyes and adjustment to the sight, contact lenses have far much better reasons to be worn and to replace contact glasses. Colored contact lens are very close to the eyes so you can enjoy the realistic field of sight.  There is no need for irritating frames that need adjustment after every five minutes. There will be no fear of losing them, as compared to glasses. Lenses do not get blurry and always give a sharp and clear vision.

As this beautiful accessory adds excellent value, it must be taken care of at all times. You must take essential precautions, like keeping them moisturized and taking them off before sleep.

Due to the seriousness of eye care, Punjab Optics recommends to its customers to use contact lenses after a detailed check-up from an ophthalmologist. Many customers, not knowing their vision alignment and score, start wearing contact lenses. You are putting your eyes at risk as it might worsen the current issues of eyesight.

With time and gaining customer experience, Punjab Optics is striving to keep up with the current market needs and providing its customers with the best brand for their eyes.

Why Contact lenses famous among women

Optical lenses offered by Punjab Optics, are a fashionable and trendy product among men and women. The interesting fact here is, two-third of its consumers are women.  It is for the apparent reason; a stylish in-fashion accessory, which now has an impressive variety of colors and shades.

You can pick the right one that goes well with your dress and can make your fashion statement more gorgeous. Punjab Optics has made available, unique brands of contact lenses in Pakistan, which has several options to choose from, and they offer different shades and colors.

It is a challenging job to choose the best one among the numerous brands available in the market, which suits your eyes and will be comfortable and classy upon wearing. Punjab Optics has made it easy for its customers to choose the right product in terms of comfort, price, quality, availability, and comprehensive product line.

Contact Lenses offered by Punjab Optics

Contact lenses offered by Punjab Optics are an innovative product that provides specialized care for your eyes by keeping the optimum flow of oxygen to them. Depending upon your specification, you can choose the best lenses for your eyes by reading out the details of each on Punjab Optics’ website.

Many products in the market only cover the Eye lenses with watery content, which sooner or later result in the dryness. Water content is an integral part of the production process of contact lenses. It helps in prohibiting around 60% of the ultraviolet rays to enter your eyes.

Besides the safety of eyes, Punjab Optics’ lenses give you the luxury to wear them most of the time because of the soft material used in the making of lenses. Different shades and a variety of colored lenses give your eyes an artistic look and enhance the beautiful features of your eyes.

Eye lenses, at Punjab optics, are available in different collections to cater to the diverse needs and choices of the customers. Disposable lenses are widely used due to their budget-friendly feature. They are usually used for daily usage. They are used often for the need of fashion rather than correction of eye vision as they contribute little towards the betterment of eye vision. You cannot reuse them as well.

Punjab Optics also offers reusable lenses, which are more helpful in the correction of eyesight. Due to the soft material, polymacon and 38% of water content, it enables better exposure of oxygen to the eyes. They are soft contact lenses and have much more durability as compared to disposable lenses. With proper care, they can last for up to one year. These lenses can help your eyes to cure issues like myopia or astigmatism. They are known for their sharpest visibility.

Branded Contact Lenses Prices

Different types of lenses have different prices. Punjab Optics recommends to its customers to consider buying contact lenses for a long time. However, they are a bit pricy than ordinary lenses. Still, as this is the case of eye care, customers should go for the lenses which are durable, last longer, and add a helping hand in remedying the issues of eyesight. Punjab Optics acknowledges the price factor as well. Hence, they are offering branded lenses that are fit for your eyes and your budget.

Punjab Optics offers lenses that are in the price range of PKR 2,500 to PKR 3950 Online Shopping in Pakistan.