We strongly recommended you to follow all directions provided by your eye practitioner – in addition to all instructions detailed in this document, and the labelling instructions of your lens care product.

For your optimum safety, please read and follow carefully the following Contact Lenses Wearing Guide and Instructions:


Bella Colour Contact Lenses are monthly contact lenses that can be worn in daily basis, for 90-Days (max) upon opening the blisters.


Remove the lenses from their blisters, place them in your palm and soak into several drops of contact lens solution. Rinse each sides of the lenses in forth motion for 10 to 15 seconds before wearing them onto your eyes.

Prepare a clean contact lens-case where you can store your lenses upon removing them. Make sure to rinse the cases with similar multi-purpose contact lens-solution before storing your lenses. Fill in both containers with fresh solutions to keep the lens hydrated while stored, and close the lids tightly.

Repeat the aforementioned steps upon wearing and storing your contact lenses again.


For any sort of discomfort (i.e pain; itchiness; irritation; burning sensation; redness) please remove your lenses; clean them well with a fresh new solution; and make it a point to have them worn again appropriately on your eyes. If symptom persists; we strongly recommended that you visit the nearest eye practitioner for test /advice.


Folded/detached lenses are not advisable to be restored. In the event of a purchase of a folded or detached lens, please do neither use the lenses; nor even open their blisters, but ask for immediate replacement from the store where you’ve bought them from.

Dehydrated lenses must be thrown right way. Should you find lens-blisters dried up, and the lenses have turned stiff in it, they must not be re-hydrated to make them usable.


Never use saliva; home-made saline; and/or tap-water to disinfect your lenses.

Upon resorting your lenses, throw the old solution from the lens-cases and replace it with fresh fluid to keep the lenses within.


Upon purchasing contact lenses, we strongly recommend that check the product whilst in the vicinity of the store. See the expiry dates and the condition of the lenses before leaving the store premises to ensure that you get the right colour and/or prescriptions; good-condition and well-hydrated contact lenses.

The product is STERILE and the blister is TAMPER-RESISTANT. You should no longer use the lenses in cases of damaged or re-sealed blister foil conditions.