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Colored Contact Lenses for Men | Women Online Eye Lens | PunjabOptics

by Dawood Sheikh on May 12, 2020

Buy online coloured contact lenses for men & Women.

Coloured contact lens enables you to achieve your desired look, which suits your personality more, makes you bold and attractive. Whether you want to improve your everyday look or create a rocking look on special occasions or weddings, coloured contact lenses are lifesavers.

Coloured contact lenses are designed to recreate the natural look of your eyeball. They are created using colour, a series of tiny coloured dots, arranged radially to recolour your eye naturally get Eyesight lens price in Pakistan. The central part of the lens is clear, so you can see the world clearly.

Colour contact lenses can change your eye colour completely and are available in a wide variety of shades like the hazel lens, grey lens, hazel brown lens, blue lens, hazel green lens, hazel grey lens, honey colour lens, and many more. These lens shades for eyes are widely used in the movies and drama industry to achieve a cinematic look

How to choose the best eye lens colour?

You can choose the best coloured lens by keeping an eye on the various factors like your hair colour, and skin tone. More or less lens shades for eyes mainly depend on the final look you want to achieve- either subtle and natural or daring and bold.

If you are looking for eye lens colour for fair skin and want to achieve a daring look, you can go for a blue eye lens or hazel eye lens. On the other hand, if you want to achieve a natural and attractive look, you can choose a grey eye lens or hazel green lens.

Coloured contacts for men

Choosing an eye lens for men is a bit different from women. They have fewer options available to make their personality attractive and bold. They can achieve a natural look to leave an unforgettable impression without overdoing it. There are some specific coloured contacts for men like hazel brown lens, or honey colour lens are considered as best contact lenses for men and are more effective than just wearing the plain ones. There are more options in eye lens men list, but they are not suitable for every man. Again eye lens colour for man depends on various factors like skin tone and hair colour.

Toric lenses for Men and Women

You might not have heard about toric lenses; they are the lenses used for astigmatism. Their shape is different from the usual ones. The standard contact lens is shaped like a slice of the ball side, spherical surface. While toric lenses have a geometrical shape like the slice of a side of doughnut.

The particular shade enables these lenses to create focusing powers or different refractive. The user is able to focus more on the horizontal and vertical orientations. The strength of refraction is different on different sides of the lens. The need for toric lenses can only be identified by your doctor. If you are having astigmatism or other vision problems, talk to your doctor, and he/she can determine whether you need a toric lens or not.

Are colour contact lenses safe?

They are entirely safe and are used around the globe. They will only cause problems or harm if they are not properly used or cared for. It is necessary to see your doctor before you start using them. By doing so, you can make sure that the colour contact lenses will not cause any irritation and are safe and comfortable. Same as standard contact lenses, the colour lens is not harmful to your eyes if you follow the instructions properly.

It is necessary to know how long you can wear them and when you need to replace them. If you want to transform your look for a special occasion only, you can use one-day disposable lenses. They are also a great option if you want to try a more daring look with spending too much. Disposable contact lenses price is less as compared to the usual ones, as they are intended to be worn one day only.

Where should I buy coloured contacts online?

PunjabOptics is the best choice for buying coloured contacts online. They are a complete online store dedicated to providing their customers with the opportunity to transform their eye colour and personality. Their wide range of coloured contacts is perfect for helping both men and women to achieve brand new eye colour and to make themselves extra-attractive on special occasions.

You will not be disappointed by the style and quality of any colour contact lens, so feel free to browse through the complete range of coloured contact lens. You can find about perfect contact lenses price and variety. The huge collection provides the opportunity to both men and women to find the desired pair. Whether you are fed up and bored of your eye colour or want to ditch your spectacles Punjab optics have many options for you.